Becoming An Investor

10th September 2016 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Ikosi Road
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Discover Best Ways To Invest Money

This four hours event on Becoming An Investor will give participants hands-on understanding on what makes some people richer and some poorer. This seminar won’t just give you the information, but will help you create the mindset on how you can get out of a frustrating, hard-to-break financial lifestyle.

Becoming An Investor

We will help you overcome the self-induced fear of poorness, a lack of choice, horrible spending habits, or the inability to adapt to the new changes in the work force taking place during the time of recession.

This seminar will show you how you can become an investor irrespective of the field you’re in right now, you’ll survive by having more insight on the path to becoming financially independent.

As school education prepared you for your current job, this Becoming An Investor seminar prepares you for life. In DEL Seminars, our goal is to create an atmosphere for you to thrive.

Seminar cost: N5,000. It includes the cost of a copy of the Game (Cashflow 101 pc software) we’ll be playing together. You’re expected to come with a laptop, but if you can’t get a laptop to use, come anyway. 

Even if you have enough money to invest right now, I’ll recommend you get educated first before giving your money to fund managers or stockbrokers like banks and other investment companies; they only want your money…they most likely don’t want you to know what we’re going to show you. But when you get educated first, you can now give your money to any of these people/companies, by so doing you’ll know what they’re talking about and then be able to make informed financial decisions’. This is one of the purpose of establishing DEL RESOURCES.

If you pay, came for the seminar and you don’t like what you experienced, you’re free to request for a refund and it’ll be given to you instantly.

Account Details
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Abiola O. Omodele

Kindly contact me (through the above number, email or the website contact form) after you’ve credited the account.

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4 thoughts on “Becoming An Investor

    • Abiola O. Omodele Post author

      I’m sorry it took a while before replying you Tochukwu. No we don’t, but thank God for the internet, you can be part of the seminar from where you are (with good connectivity). Aside this, we also offer a mentoring (one-on-one) session over the internet, that’s on a request basis. I’ll encourage to start by registering and attending this seminar (on a closed online server) to kick-start your journey. To your success.