Understanding Your Purpose

9th July 2016 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
DEL Resources, Youth Auditorium of All Saints Anglican Parish Church, Ikosi Road,

Abuse Simply Means Abnormal Use.

Dr. Wilberforce Oti wrote “At one time, I thought that Satan created cocaine. But as I grew up I discovered that God created cocaine, Indian hemp, marijuana etc. It was during my undergraduate years, when I studied Pharmaceutical Chemistry, that I was taught that cocaine is one of the best anaesthetics drugs in the world. Many young people use cocaine for a wrong reason. That is why we call it drug abuse.” Understanding Your Purpose

God is a God of purpose. Everything He created has a purpose, and that includes you and I.

Understanding your life purpose isn’t always easy. In this DEL Seminar, Mr Adebisi Folahan will be sharing some insight on how understanding your purpose can help you get some focus and clarity on your life’s journey. You will be able to walk with clearer idea of what you’re made of, where you are going and how to get there.

Remember the date: Saturday 9 July, 2016, and time: 11am – 1pm.


Abuse simply means abnormal use. Click To Tweet

You should be there with intelligent people growing like yourself.

Why You Should Attend DEL Seminars:

1. We create an environment for you to thrive.
2. Our live seminars will create lasting transformation in you.
3. We will help you cultivate a healthy financial habit.
4. You will connect alongside with others to do the inner-works to help you live the life God destined you to live.
5. You will associate with intelligent people growing in greater measure.

Make it a date, it’s free to attend, and you’d be glad you did.

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