How To Create Your Life & Be Deliberate About It!

No doubt, life could be challenging, but a balanced truth is this: we can choose how to live our life while experiencing challenges. Here is what I’m trying to say: if I understood myself so well to know what I want and what I don’t want, I can decide the things I have to live with and those I don’t have to live with.

How To Create Your Life & Be Deliberate About It!

I have been seeing some people live as if they don’t have a choice. I have seen some live a liberal life; they live other people’s lives. These people have no idea of what their lives should look like, they don’t know how to say “NO”, and if they do say “NO”, they can’t explain why they said so. This all boils down to one knowing what one wants and what one doesn’t.

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Before I left Lagos City Polytechnic, Ikeja-Lagos, I’ve known I’ll not be working in a bank or any job that may want to take my weekends. Not because I don’t want to earn more but because I just want my freedom; I want to decide what I will use my weekends for; either with my family, church, learn a new skill, attend seminars, or visit friends. Of course, I can be employed as a managing director but not at the expense of my weekends. I know quite well that I’m a business person and I don’t want to work ‘for’ people for long, and that very soon I will be working ‘with’ people. So this helped shape my mind and gave me a picture of how things should look like in the future. Thank God!

I so much believe that anyone can create the life he/she desires. Look, I’ve discovered that it’s our duty to plan and create, and the duty of God is to be in the planning and help us execute them. A lazy person would think and say “Oh! God knows my tomorrow”. Sure He does, but I am so sure God also wants you to know your tomorrow and to ACT on what you know.

This is so critical: ACT on what you know. Now, what if what you know is just a picture? That may be a good place to start from. In fact, that’s where most successful people start from – a picture of tomorrow; start from there.

Start from that little picture of you graduating with good knowledge (you can also picture the grade) of the course you’re studying. Start from that little picture of you growing a multi-national business. Start from that little picture of you having a successful godly family. Start from that little picture of you becoming a great leader, politician, pastor, business man/woman, inventor and innovator, mentor, etc (please name & add the rest). And do this on paper; write them down.

Only lazy people say they don’t believe some things like “having goals” or “creating a plan” or “following a process”. Well, that’s them. Please, don’t be like them. I encourage you to be dynamic and creative, also follow a process that’s been proven to work for people. What you can do to arrive your destination may be to follow or improve on proven tactics, processes, ideas, and plans.

It's our duty to plan and create, and the duty of God is to be in the planning and help us execute them. Click To Tweet

Here are two steps to take in order to improve on proven tactic or process:

The first is to understand the process that has worked. Some people jump into introducing a new process without fully understanding the initial one. Even where the initial process hasn’t worked, you will be successful because you understood it first; how and why it didn’t work. Also learn how the initial process worked for others. Sudden introduction of a new process without full understanding of the one prior to it is an error.

The second is to look for a better improved process or just amend the previous one. Many of the people I see taking new offices make the mistake of changing a process without explaining to the parties involved and convincing them on why the process-change is needed.

Relating these to our lives:

You can live your life intentionally. Look at how those ahead of you are living their lives;

  • Do you like it?
  • Can you use their process to fit yours?
  • Should you invent yours?
  • Is there anything you can learn from their process or tactics?

The Bottom Line

There is nothing you cannot be or do or have. You are a magnificent creator. Most of your time would be spent on collecting data; data that will help you decide what you really want.

You can create your life and be deliberate about it by:

  • Knowing what you want and what you don’t want.
  • Realising that it is your duty to plan as God inspires you (on paper) and God’s duty to direct.
  • ACT on what you know and realise.

Distinguish yourself!



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