Critical Life Lessons I learnt Playing a Strategy Game

Have you played Call of Duty: Heroes? I played it for about two months and few days. It's a combat strategy game on Google Play. I like the game for the critical life lessons it taught, but after playing it for a while, I considered it's taken a lot of my productive time. So I uninstalled it.

Google Play: Call of Duty®: Heroes

I however learnt valuable life lessons which I think everybody should know. Here they are:

1. Don't run from pain and the time it takes to build something of value. Building your base (in the game) takes a real-life time (starting from few minutes to 24 hours or more). You have to build your base to be able to withstand different enemies at different levels. Also building a career takes some time and pain. You may have to repeat a stage again. You may have to work over-night, you may have to study, think and plan. You may have to re-arrange things. Just stick to what work and do it.

When you feel God has inspired you to do something, don't run away from it because it cause and cost you pain and time.

2. Building something of value attract its challenges.
When you build walls in the game to protect yourself, it upgrades you to challenge bigger enemies. Life will do the same thing to you. As you grow, you will face bigger challenges. Just as you write an exam and after passing you move on to the next stage to write another exam, so is it that most times when you overcome a difficulty, it is as if another one has been waiting just for you. So face your challenges, you have been called to face it. 

Challenges are normal; they are just what you need to advance from the stage you are now. 

Although the lessons I learnt were profound but having acquired the knowledge on how the game work I needed to move on to other things.

3. You need people to succeed. Until you've helped someone succeed you're not yet a success. Life isn't just about yourself, if it is, you'll be the only one living in this life. In the game, you have opportunities to help someone win an attack or a defence. This is achieved when you join an alliance or someone join the alliance you created. According to Wikipedia, an alliance is a pact, coalition or friendship between two or more parties, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests.

The truth is: in life, we are all in need of one thing or the other. No matter how poor or rich you are there are people out there who need what you have and you also need what they have. So create an opportunity to give and receive; help someone to achieve something. Be there.

4. Be careful who you trust. During the period I played the game, I built two different Alliances. Let me explain better. One alliance has 25 member-slot. After I started the first, I had up to 25 members in the alliance. After the Alliance gained level 10 experience (alliance level of experience is gained by helping other members to fight wars, this also takes time to gain), I experimented as the commander, to entrust another member with the commander position. It became difficult for the person I entrusted with the commander position to release it back to me, and at the end I was kicked out of my own alliance. I nonetheless went ahead to build the second alliance.

Trust is built over time not just a week or two, it takes time to build. So allow the passage of time and learn what the person can be entrusted with. 

5. Time lost can't be retrieved. Your life is a gift and it has a timespan. This timespan is a period you have before here on earth before it expires. So your time should be spent on important things. Having played the game for a good period of time, I considered it's taken a lot of my productive time - time I should be using creating stuff that matter in my life and stuff that help people achieve more. Although the lessons I learnt were profound but having acquired the knowledge on how the game work I needed to move on to other things. 

Your life is a gift, go make it count.
You will succeed!

What critical life lesson did you learn while playing a game?

Please, let me know what your thought and ...kindly share.

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