DEL Seminars

DEL Resources organises life-changing seminars and interviews. We call on difference experts that are vast in different areas of specialisation and are willing to share their ideas with the world. DEL Resources is registered with C.A.C. Nigeria.

DEL SeminarsDEL Resources Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the leading contributor to personal development in Nigeria impacting the global world.

Our mission is to invest in the lives of those who have passion for knowledge and action.

Our interests are:
  1. Financial freedom
  2. Stock Investment
  3. Real Estate Investment
  4. Forex Exchange
  5. Entrepreneurship
  6. Leadership
  7. Youth Ministry
  8. Mind Growth, and
  9. Relationship.
Our Passion:
  • We are committed to bring out the best in people; building excellent people with great relationships.
  • We create an environment where people learn and are treated well (valued).
  • We believe God (and His Word) guide human life with the intellect subjected to Him alone.
In DEL Resources, we are building a community where people can really learn and grow. I mean really grow; you should vividly see your life moving from one end to another. It's like coming out of yourself and seeing the shift/movement over a period of time. By God's grace, with your commitment and follow through on all our programmes and posts, you'll not remain the same. 

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It is our desire to grow and help others grow. 

Our Upcoming Seminars: