Life is all about contribution. Just as it has been said "you are not a millionaire simply because you have a million naira, you are a millionaire because you have contributed to a million lives." No matter how poor you are, you have something you can give to someone, something that someone out there will value, you have something that will change your world.

But, what is contribution when God is not in it? What is adding value to life if you don't do it because you love God and people? Life is God and God is life. All will certainly be a waste if we don't have Him. A poor person is someone who feels or thinks he does not have anything to give.

Hold this in your mind as you go about adding value to people,

You're doing it because of your love for God and man.

What will be your profit if you GAIN this whole world including her people and LOSE your own soul?

I once had a dream, to own a place in 'the cloud'. Here's the result and this is a journey. Some years back, I also decided to be a problem solver. I never regret making that decision. For you to be reading this, you would have probably made the decision too, but if you have not, I challenge you to do so today - decide to be a problem solver - for by this you will contribute something valuable we need. I am using this first post to invite you on this journey. Join in and let us walk it together. There is always a place for the man who determine to be one.

Your life is a gift, I so much believe YOU CAN make it count.

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