Abiola O. Omodele

About Me
Hi, I'm Abiola O. Omodele. I am a leader and a virtual mentor. I have worked as an Accountant for more than seven years, and lead different youth groups in different stages of life. From my life's passion, through God's inspiration, I started DEL Resources to create an atmosphere for people to thrive. I am a business oriented individual with an inspiring personality, passionate about people development and mind growth; it is my desire to develop people, helping them to reach their potential. I believe if you're not becoming a better person there's no way your family will be better and no way Nigeria will be better. That's why I help people create change by providing financial education. What I get may be a living BUT what I give is LIFE. My mission is to contribute to people's life.

A Book I Wrote
I am the author of More Than Just Quotes, a collection of thoughts that help people aspire for the best in life.

More Than Just Quotes by ABIOLA OMODELE


How Can I Help You Achieve More?
I thought of how I can add greater value to people, how to help them in what they are trying to achieve, and how to effectively share what I am learning on an effective platform, so I came up with the idea of starting this blog.

The Purpose of My Blog
Through my blog, my mission is to help you become all you can possibly be so that you can change your world. From finding your purpose, to leading your environment, to personal growth and development, to technology and innovation, to mentoring, my goal is to equip you to do what matter most.



Change Is Happening
Let me amuse you: very soon some of us will not be using business cards again to show what we do (our business) or tell other people about ourselves and our passions. Such information can now be easily gotten. Although it cost (not just money but even time and much intellectual resources) to build a website, but I think it is something that anyone, serious-minded, can do. I can help you out. The benefit outweighs the cost. On the long run it pays to have your business, your passion, your idea, your creativity, and every other thing you can imagine on your own website than on a social media. Social media is just a medium, you should not make it your home.