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Being single should be seen as an opportunity to do great & outstanding things. No matter the stage, it should never be seen as a curse rather a blessing. The management of your single life is key, which is why I'm writing this to support as many singles out there.

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Being single may mean the following:
1. Adolescent; young people developing into an adult.
2. Adults living alone; may be classified into:
i) Adults that are not married and
ii) Adults that are separated; this may be as a result of divorce or just 'temporary park-out'.

Now, I'm not saying being a lone-ranger is good. In fact, this post is not related to it at all because that's a different subject. The fact is: you don't know it all, and you certainly can't go far alone. Also, according to Dr. Myles Munroe, 'being single is a state to be pursued not avoided.'

Sometimes if you are not careful you may lose your sense of identity or throw down your guard and values. Some single people actually think there is something wrong with them - believing a lie. - Abiola Omodele

The single life I'm talking about here is when you are young, may be engaged or not but not married, and perhaps you are divorced [of course there is ONE biblical ground for divorce BUT that's not to say we shouldn't act like Christ; we should FORGIVE. See Matthew 19:3-10 (9)].

This management of this stage of life is important and understanding it can help you prepare for a other stages of life. When you get this stage of life right, you'll certainly get others right; your course will be navigated correctly. Your life will be full of purpose and meaning. You'll never be as confused as those who do not get things right at this stage. 'Even while married', someone said 'some couples feel lonely', but I think if you can learn to live with yourself overcoming the 'lonely, I am so lonely' part, you will get it right at other stages of life.

This stage will help you:

1. Discover who you are. This is one thing you don't want to joke with. I covered this in my last post (Read: How You Can Change Your Life).

2. Form & sharpen your character. At this stage, you should know some bad character you have and change them. When you're 40 years or more, you shouldn't be among people called 'old fools'. Your age and wisdom ought to have been reconciled by this stage. You can work on yourself to become more loving, understanding, patient, giving, tolerating, etc.

3. Get a vision. Do you know what I love about vision? What I love about vision is: you don't have to be there yet, you just have to see it.

4. Have a course of action to live by. You need to take planned actions. Please note: I didn't say detailed planned actions. It may just be an idea to get started. You may go further and highlight actionable steps from on that idea. You can write down or change things you value in life. Just like the way you go to school to study a course, having to go through different semesters with different course outlines, make sure the life you are living is thought out by you. Having a course of action (a way to live by) help to birth your vision.

5. Adequately prepare you for your future. Being a single should adequately prepare you for who you'll be in life. Of course, there are those who discover themselves at 50 or 60 years but I'm not so sure you are in this category of people. After-all, nobody can boldly say I will live beyond 50 or 60? Such is beyond all of us. That's the reason you need to be deliberate about your life; this single life stage is a must path for everyone, you should live it on purpose and, make it count. 
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Are you single now? Learn to live with yourself. Let me also congratulate you because this stage will set you apart for success. It has been discovered that the world stands aside for the man who knows where he is going. When you know who you are, have a good character, a vision for living, course of action, and a push (propelled by your plans), each stage you get to will ultimately result into SUCCESS.

Bottom Line
The question now is: Do you know who you are? The truth is that sometimes if you are not careful you may lose your sense of identity or throw down your guard and values. Some single people actually think there is something wrong with them. Some cannot sincerely, in a sentence, tell who they are. I am not talking about what you do (your job), I am talking about having a sense of identity, a conviction of your person, and living by your values.

You will succeed!

What do you think a person can do with his or her life as a single?

Please, let me know what you think and ...kindly share.

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