What Am I Here For?

The best question you can ever ask and get answer to is 'What Am I here For'? This question set a path for your life and how it should be lived. It set how not to even live it. Not answering this question is a time waster and time wasted is time not well spent. 

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In most places you see people who don't know where they are going. These people tend to be confused at situations, they do not get headway when there's a shift in the place they are headed. These people tend not to have a destination in mind.
 I understand that right now you may not have the total mental picture of why you are here but you should  have a gleams or an idea of what it looks like. - ABIOLA OMODELE
How do you know why you're here?
1. Look upward. A great desire should rise up in you to get to know why you are here. This desire can't be really fulfilled without you looking upward. You have got to ask God. Because God made you, he made you for a purpose and a final destination in mind. It will be meaningless if you walk your road without having an idea of the path he wants you to follow. Call to him, he will answer, he will show you great and mighty things. He surely does not want anyone to walk outside what he has made him or her to be whether you're a believer or an unbeliever; God has a plan for you.
2. Look Inward. Although this may sound like a bold guess but it is practical and true. Your SHAPE shows what you're shaped for. SHAPE is an acronym which means: Your Spirituality, your Heart, your Abilities, your Physical, and your Experience. I actually came across the acronym SHAPE some years ago through
3. Look Outward. Your environment - some things outside of yourself - can also help you in realising what you are made for. How do you feel about what is happening around you? DO you feel some things you are seeing should change? What are your wishes? Look around and see the things you can change.
Not knowing what you are here for is a dangerous way to live. I understand that you may not have the total mental picture of it but you should have a gleams or an idea of what it will look like. It is an insane person that walk without a preconceived location in view. Walk with a picture in mind by looking upward, looking inward, or looking outward.

 Walk with a picture in mind by looking upward, inward, or outward. - ABIOLA OMODELE

You will succeed.
How do you approach things if there is a shift in the place you are going?

Please, let me know what you think and ...kindly share.

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